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About Intersurgical Inc.

Our mission
Since 1991 Intersurgical Inc. (United States) has delivered the same quality and commitment as our UK parent company. At the same time we have tailored the product line to meet the needs of our North American customers. Through our distribution partners we offer local access, JIT delivery and supply chain reliability.

Our professional staff and sales team have a work experience of over 25 years in the fields of Anesthesia and Respiratory Care products. As part of a global network of partner subsidiaries and distributors we can quickly react to global market changes and innovations.

Quality assured
All products marketed by Intersurgical Inc. are manufactured to the highest industry standards. ISO 13485 is just as much a part of our daily routine as the strictest adherence to the FDA Quality System Regulation.
We are experts in extruding, injection molding and blow molding the most advanced disposable medical products. Intersurgical's demanding Quality Control Department meticulously ensures compliance with all FDA and international regulations.

Product development
Continuous new product development based on the latest available technology is performed by our competent design and engineering staff. Intersurgical Inc. is committed to providing only the highest quality products, improving patient outcomes and reducing environmental impact.

We strive to offer products of real value that meet our customer's needs. Our continuous commitment is to the development of safe and effective products, which help improve the practice of medicine and quality of lives.

Our goal is to provide best practice respiratory product solutions for patients and clinicians, offering quality, innovation and choice.
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