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For Flexible it's Flextube™


The majority of our breathing systems are available with standard flexible tubing, Intersurgical Flextube™. All Flextube™ breathing systems have a unique clip feature: when used with Intersurgical connectors with a recess, an airtight fit is achieved. This ensures that there are no leaks or disconnections.

Go Smooth with Smoothbore


Smoothbore breathing systems incorporate flexible end connectors at the machine end and lightweight rigid connectors within the system offering improved ventilatory support. Benefits include:
- Improved flow characteristics
- Lower tubing compliance
- Lower system volume

Adjustable and extendable with Compact®


Compact® breathing systems are made using adjustable tubing which allows the system to be set to the required position optimizing the compressible volume. These systems can be reduced in length for ease of storage and disposal.

Push and twist - for safe and secure connections

push and twist take the tube

All of our tapers and connections are manufactured to meet the relevant BS, ISO and EN Standards ensuring a secure gas tight fit when using a simple push and twist action.

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