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Humidification chamber

We offer a range of active humidification chambers for use with the more commonly found humidifiers used in the intensive care areas. Compatible with all our heated wire products, all three chamber options feature 22mm male connectors and a clear polycarbonate body for instant and accurate visible fluid level assessment.

The dual float auto fill humidification chamber can be used in a variety of respiratory support therapies ranging from CPAP through to full mechanical ventilation including high frequency oscillation for all size patients. This chamber offers the clinician a constant water level, as the used fluid is automatically replaced from a reservoir bag. As a result the system compressible volume does not fluctuate, making the auto fill chamber the first choice in all intensive care areas from neonatal through to adult.

The manual fill chamber feature a clamp along the fill line which isolates the chamber from the fluid reservoir bag. This chamber requires the clinician to monitor the water level and open the clamp when more fluid is required. Seen as a lower cost alternative and is sometimes used in high driving pressure applications (eg. nFlow™).


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