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Cost savings are a major factor in the modern surgical environment. This not only affects products, but also storage requirements and anesthesia set-up time. Intersurgical Incorporated offers a completely integrated anesthesia system to address all of these concerns. Multipac is a one-a-day breathing circuit that may be used by up to six patients1. By selecting one of our eight Multipac configurations, most circuit needs can be met based on your specifications.

Additional options are available by selecting one of our eight Patient Packs that will include our high efficiency Filta- Therm™ HMEF, an anesthesia mask elbow and your choice of anesthetic face masks: ClearLite™ or Economy anesthetic face mask. Packs must be exchanged between each patient.

By using Multipac systems, cost savings can be realized through the product, the reduction of storage needs and a reduction in waste costs2.

1. Palmer L., Benbough J., CAMR (Centre for Applied Microbiology & Research) Biosafety Investigation Unit Quality, Safety and Scientific Resources Division Test Report
2. Daggan R., Steinberg D., Larijani G. Gratz I., Zafeiridis A., Goldberg M.E.L Intersurgical’s Multipac® Breathing System allows reuse of anesthesia breathing circuits (BC) resulting in cost savings and reduced medical waste.

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