Introducing the New Cirrus™2 single patient use nebulizer

Introducing the New Cirrus™2 single patient use nebulizer

Intersurgical® is pleased to introduce the Cirrus2 single patient use nebulizer, that can be used for upto 28 days. The Cirrus™2 nebulizer is designed to deliver medication for tracheobronchial deposition.

The Cirrus™2 nebulizer incorporates a number of features, including:

• Low residual volume - reducing drug wastage.
• Graduated medication cup - providing guidance on how much medication is in the nebulizer.
• Quick-release fitting - enabling the nebulizer to be attached and detached with a quarter turn.

The Cirrus™2 adult mask kit incorporates the Intersurgical EcoLite™ aerosol mask. The mask elastic can be fitted either above or below the patient’s ears. In the “below ear” position it eliminates the discomfort and longer-term trauma created by elastic to the top of the patient’s ears.

Visit the product page to view the full range or download the supporting information sheet.

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