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Hydro-Therm™ Micro HME

Hydro-Therm™ Micro HME

The Hydro-Therm™ Micro is a small volume, lightweight HME suitable for use on neonates and infant patients with a tidal volume <8ml, making it ideal for use with a tracheostomy, short-term procedures or during transport.
Designed to replicate the functions of the body’s upper airway by conserving expired heat and moisture and returning it to the patient during inhalation, the Hydro-Therm™ Micro has an open-celled foam HME that optimises surface area and maximizes moisture return.

The Hydro-Therm™ Micro supports and expands our existing HME range and provides a further choice for our customers.

The introduction of the Hydro-Therm™ Micro provides a further choice in our filtration range. For further information, visit our product page or our dedicated filtration and humidification landing page or contact us to make an inquiry.

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