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Pinnacle EMS Conference

August 4th – 6th
Amelia Island, FL
Booth #13
Pinnacle EMS Conference connects the industry’s top executives, medical directors, managers and chiefs in an intimate, network-friendly, relaxed setting. It is expected that nearly 600 participants representing leadership in every area of EMS will attend this year’s meeting, which is being held on Amelia Island, Florida from August 4th – 6th.

Intersurgical® can be found at Booth #13 where we will be featuring a number of our exciting products such as i-gel® O2 Resus Packs, Eco Masks, QuadraLite®, and Cirrus™2 Self Sealing T-Piece.

Happy 4th of July

We would like to wish all of our customers a Happy 4th of July, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Right Angled Water Trap

We have introduced the right-angled water trap, a new variant of our current range.

The right-angled water trap is now available in both medium volume 70ml and high volume 125ml fluid collection capacity.  The water trap features a 90º attachment, 22OD to 22ID, allowing easy connection directly to a ventilator or anaesthetic machine. The self-seal arrangement and fluid collection jar are the same components used in 1912030 Large Self-Sealing Water Trap.

As with all of our water traps the self-sealing facility allows the fluid to be emptied without interrupting flow.

Review the information sheet below or view the range for further details.

Solus® Satin

Intersurgical is pleased to announce the launch of an additional range of laryngeal mask airways, Solus® Satin. This new range is available in three adult sizes, which have a softer airway tube than our Standard Solus® range.  These have been developed to meet the requirements of those who have a preference for a softer airway tube option.

Features and Benefits:
- Solus® Satin is our range of single use laryngeal mask airways featuring a softer airway tube providing flexibility. For use in anesthesia and emergency medicine.
- The cuff and back plate remain the same as the Standard, Flexible and MRI Solus® ranges.
- Available in three adult sizes: 3, 4, 5. (The pediatric Standard Solus already has a soft airway tube and therefore there are no current plans to offer a Satin version.)

The Solus® Satin differentiates Intersurgical from the competition by providing a new option that meets the requirements of customers who have a preference for a softer airway tube option.

Flo-Guard breathing filter

The new Flo-Guard is now the lowest resistance filter we have in our range.

It is designed to be used at the machine-end of a breathing system to protect the patient and machine against cross contamination, while maintaining a low resistance across a wide range of flow rates..  
Features and Benefits:
• Electrostatic filter media provides an excellent filtration efficiency of 99.99% BFE and 99.95% VFE that protects against cross infection.
• Contains a large surface area to reduce resistance to flow and the effort of breathing for the patient at high flows.
• The Flo-Guard contains clear housing for good visibility and easy inspection of possible secretion build up.
• Conical shape streamlines airflow acting as a silencer device, thereby reducing noise.

The Flo-Guard differentiates Intersurgical® significantly from other filter manufacturers because it maintains a low resistance to flow across a wide range of flow rates, while providing a superior filtration performance.

Visit the product page to view more information.

Enhanced Straight Connectors

Intersurgical is pleased to announce the launch of our new enhanced straight connectors with fixed MDI Adapters.

These connectors can be used with a variety of medication delivery devices.  The directions of the MDI adapters are now fixed.

We offer two new versions to replace the old product number 19476503:
1947003 - 1st version (used with majority of patients) is available with the MDI adaptor toward the patient.
1947001 - 2nd version is available with the MDI adaptor away from the patient.
Product numbers 19646503 and 19666503 have now been updated.
1964001 replaces part #19646503. The MDI adaptor is away from the patient.
1966001 replaces part #19666503. The MDI adaptor is away from the patient.
Visit the product page for further details.

(Please Note: Part numbers and Case Quantities have changed.)

InterGuide and InterForm

Introducing the new InterGuide Bougie and InterForm Stylet.

Intersurgical is pleased to announce the expansion of our airway accessories range with the launch of our new InterGuide and InterForm.

InterGuide is a flexible tracheal tube introducer commonly known as a “bougie”. It allows location of the trachea and may assist with subsequent placement of the endotracheal tube in difficult airway situations.

Features and Benefits:
• Available in 3 sizes: 6FR, 10FR and 15FR.
• Bold green color allows easy visualization of the product during use.
• An atraumatic coudé tip reduces the potential for patient trauma.
• Smooth low-friction surface allows for easy insertion and subsequent tube placement.
• Flexible material allows the user to form the InterGuide into the desired curve.
• Ideal for use in difficult airway cases or where direct laryngoscopy is not possible.

InterForm is a malleable intubating stylet, allowing the user to form the most suitable shape to ease insertion and give more control of the airway device. It is inserted into the endotracheal tube prior to inserting the tube into the patient and in normal use will not come into direct patient contact.
Features and Benefits:
• Available in three sizes: 6FR, 10FR, 14FR.
• Bold green color allows easy visualization of the product during use.
• Low-friction surface allows for easy insertion and removal of stylet.
• An aluminum core allows the user to easily form suitable shapes.

The InterGuide and InterForm ranges have been designed to complement endotracheal tubes. Both product ranges are single use, latex free and supplied sterile in easy-to-open individual packs.


American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA)

August 11 - August 13 2019
Booth 824

EMS World Expo

October 16 - October 18 2019
Booth: 734

American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

October 19 - October 21 2019
Booth: 1413

American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT)

Orlando, FL
October 22 - October 24 2019
Booth: TBA
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