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i-gel® O₂ Resus Pack included in TCCC guidelines

The guidelines state that the i-gel® O₂ Resus Pack can be used for securing an airway in the Tactical Evacuation (TACEVAC) phase of care.

TCCC is the standard of care for Prehospital Battlefield Medicine and TACEVAC relates to the care given to a casualty whilst still under fire on the battlefield. The Committee on TCCC issue and regularly update guidelines. These guidelines include airway management and the use of supraglottic airways. 
The original TCCC guidelines were published in 1996 and an update in 2012 reaffirmed support for the use of SADs for the TACEVAC phase of care, but did not recommend a specific device, as they did not feel there was sufficient evidence at the time to do so. However, in the latest update, i-gel has been designated as the 'preferred Extraglottic Airway (EGA)' as it was decided it had a number of characteristics that make it favourable for use on the battlefield.
They concluded that current evidence suggests the i-gel performs as well or better than the other SADs available and has other advantages in:
• Ease of training
• Size & weight
• Cost
• Safety
• Simplicity of use
The gel-filled cuff in the i-gel both eliminates the need for cuff pressure monitoring during flight and reduces the risk of pressure-induced neuropraxia to cranial nerves in the oropharynx and hypopharynx as a complication of SAD use.
The latest changes to the TCCC guidelines does the following things:
• Adds extraglottic airways (EGAs) as an option for airway management in Tactical Field Care;
• Recommends the i-gel as the preferred EGA in TCCC because its gel-filled cuff makes it simpler to use than EGAs with air-filled cuffs and also eliminates the need for monitoring of cuff pressure;
You can find all of the above details confirmed in the abstract of the article, 'Extraglottic Airways in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Guidelines Change 17-01 28 August 2017 published in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine by Otten EJ, Montgomery HR, Butler FK Jr.

For further information regarding i-gel® and the i-gel® O₂ Resus Pack please visit or contact us.

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* i-gel® O Resus Pack contents vary in specific markets; in the USA the pack does not contain the suction tube. 

Sentri™ Intersurgical EcoLite™ End Tidal CO₂ Mask

Monitoring ETCO₂ is an invaluable tool for reliable, early warning of respiratory compromise. No matter where in the hospital setting IV sedation is delivered, by using the Sentri™ Intersurgical EcoLite™ ETCO₂ mask, both the patient and clinician can take comfort knowing that early detection of inadequate ventilation is made easier with this innovative mask.
Features and Benefits of our Sentri™ Intersurgical EcoLite™ ETCO₂ mask are:

  • The choice of “under-chin” or “on-chin” positions provides a better fit on a wider range of patient face shapes.
  • The incurved nose seal conforms to different nose shapes, designed to prevent oxygen from entering the patient’s eyes. 
  • By eliminating the metal nose clip, the mask is now MRI compatible.
  • Soft face seals provide an increased level of patient comfort.
  • The elastic can be fitted either above or below the patient’s ears depending on the patient’s face shape.

Visit the product page to view the full range, download the information sheet or make an inquiry.

Intersurgical EcoLite™ adult high concentration mask

The Intersurgical EcoLite™ adult high concentration mask has a number of features and Benefits which include:

  • The choice of “under-chin” or “on-chin” positions provides a better fit on a wider range of patient face shapes.
  • Two integrated safety vents allows the patient to breathe room air in the event of oxygen supply failure.
  • An incurved nose seal conforms to different nose shapes, designed to prevent oxygen entering patient’s eyes.
  • No metal nose clips makes the mask MRI compatible.
  • A soft face seal increases patient comfort.
  • The elastic can be positioned under or over the ears.
  • An improved sealing allows high oxygen concentrations.

Visit the product page to find out more about the range or make an inquiry.

Please note, this mask is replacing our current Eco adult high concentration oxygen mask, product #1181030 and the case quantity has changed from 30 to 24.


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