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You can find out more about our i-gel® supraglottic airway device by visiting our airway management social media channels, and why not follow us to hear our latest news.  We also have a airway management newsletter which you can sign up to receive our quarterly for all things 'airways' related. All our supporting videos are also listed below, so take a look around get in touch if you have any questions.  We also have several videos relating to the i-gel® range which can be viewed in the related video section.


Social media channels

The Facebook page has videos, links and other useful content on i-gel and topics in all areas of airway management.

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David Chapman also Tweets about airway management and resuscitation - a condensed version of his blog in 280 characters or less!

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Blog on Airways
David Chapman, our Group Product Manager for airway devices is passionate about airway management and resuscitation. He blogs his thoughts and opinions on the latest topics.

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The Intersurgical YouTube  channel is full of our videos on best practice, training & education and product promotions.

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