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MulitpacMultipac® is customized according to your needs. Please contact an Intersurgical sales representative for your custom configuration.

Cost savings are a major factor in the modern surgical environment. This not only affects products, but also storage requirements and anesthesia set-up time. Intersurgical Incorporated offers a completely integrated anesthesia system to address all of these concerns.

Multipac® is a one-a-day breathing circuit that may be used by up to six patients. The circuit will be created based on your specifications. Patient packs, consisting of our high efficiency Filta-Therm® HMEFs and your choice of patient connection will be packaged with the circuit and must be exchanged between each patient.

By using Multipac® systems, cost savings can be realized through the product, the reduction of storage needs and a reduction in waste costs. In addition, the use of the 99.999% efficient Filta-Therm® HMEFs (tested at 0.017μ particle size) allows compliance with CDC guidelines for the prevention of the transmission of Tuberculosis, which require a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3μ particle size.
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