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FaceFit™ Ported Mask

Intersurgical is pleased to announce the launch of our new FaceFit™ ported Mask, the new range of lightweight and comfortable masks for use in non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

The mask has been designed specifically to provide lightweight, comfortable fit for the patient, with minimal dead space.

Features and Benefits:

• FaceFit ported mask is available in small, medium and large sizes to fit most patients and can be used for BiPAP and CPAP applications. A size guide is included to help you make the right choice.
• An ambient valve and CO2 leak port work together to help to prevent rebreathing in the case of inadequate ventilation.
• The 6mm stem connector with retainable cap allows for monitoring or supplemental oxygen.
• A soft silicone seal and lightweight material ensures optimum ventilation and patient tolerance.
• The easily adjustable harness with rear head pad and a quick release system allows for optimal fit for a wide range of patients.

The FaceFit ported mask differentiates Intersurgical from the competition because of its design and light, comfortable fit. It is also a high quality, yet cost-effective solution for your patients.

For full details visit the product page or download the FaceFit Literature Flyer.

Hydro-Trach™ T Mk II Video

Watch our new video highlighting the features and benefits of Hydro-Trach™ T Mk II Tracheostomy HME.
The Hydro-Trach™ T Mk II Tracheostomy HME has been successfully available for over a number of years. The new video can be viewed on our website.

The Hydro-Trach™ T Mk II offers a wide range of features which benefit patient care and safety.  A summary of the product benefits is available here.

Download the flyer or visit the product page for further information.

EMS World Expo 2017

Visit us at this year's EMS World Expo on booth 654.

You will find Intersurgical Inc. at North America’s largest and most internationally attended EMS Conference and trade show.

With over 5,300 attendees and more than 360 exhibitors, the Expo offers a great opportunity for learning and sharing.

Make sure to swing by the Intersurgical booth to see some of our innovative EMS products, such as the i-gel O2 Resus Pack, Intersurgical EcoLite™ high concentration mask, QuadraLite™ anesthetic face mask, Solus™ laryngeal mask airway range and more.

We look forward to welcoming you to booth 654.

ASA 2017

See us at the 2017 American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Meeting.

For more than 67 years, the ASA Annual Meeting has been the most comprehensive anesthesia-related educational event in the world, bringing together top influential and notable professionals in anesthesia, pain medicine and critical care medicine.

With over 15,000 attendees expected, the annual meeting is sure to be an experience that offers education, networking and the latest advancements in anesthesia.

Keep a look out for the Intersurgical Inc. booth where we will be featuring i-gel® supraglottic airway, QuadraLite™ anesthetic face mask, filters, HMEs and HMEFs, Solus™ laryngeal mask airway range, patient connections and much more.

We look forward to seeing you there on booth 1410.

Visit us at AANA 2017

The 2017 American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Annual Congress provides a meeting place for the largest gathering of CRNAs.
A professional organization of more than 50,000 nurse anesthetists, their congress provides a learning and development environment where the latest trends are presented.

We will have a number of exciting products on display such as the i-gel® supraglottic airway, Solus™ range of laryngeal masks, CO2 absorbents, breathing filters, HMEs and HMEFs, the Eco Range, QuadraLite™ anesthetic face masks and more.

We look forward to welcoming you to booth #205.

See us at the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians Meeting 2017

Our team will be at this year’s ASATT Meeting at table #16 from August 24th – 26th

ASATT is the premier organization representing anesthesia technology professionals. ASATT provides education specifically directed to anesthesia technologists and technicians. They have more than doubled their membership in the past 5 years and approximately seven more programs are slated to begin in 2017-2018.

Make sure to stop by the Intersurgical Inc. table to view products such as the i-gel® supraglottic airway, Solus™ Satin laryngeal mask airway, breathing filters and HMEs, patient connections, QuadraLite™ anesthetic face mask, CO2 absorbents, Multipac® anesthesia breathing systems and more.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Find us at SMACC 2017

The Social Media and Critical Care conference provides the highest quality of Critical Care education and is guaranteed to innovate and inspire.
In Dublin last year, SMACC brought together over 2000 delegates from over 30 countries. For DasSMACC, as it is being called, the Tempodrom in Berlin is an inspirational venue and here SMACC will take the Critical Care conference community to a new level of experience.

Come and meet the team from Intersurgical to discuss our full range of airway devices, including the i-gel® supraglottic airway, laryngeal mask airways and One-piece Guedel airway.

We look forward to seeing you there.

MultiOx™ Adjustable Venturi Valve

Intersurgical is pleased to announce the launch of our new MultiOx™ Adjustable Venturi Valve.

The MultiOx™ Adjustable Venturi Valve has been designed to replace the MK 1 adjustable venturi range.

Features and Benefits:
  • The MultiOx adjustable venturi valve offers the user seven oxygen concentrations.
  • A large body diameter provides space for clear, widely-spaced calibration and incorporates a ‘pull twist’ action preventing accidental adjustment.
  • The one piece design eliminates the need to use more than one valve for all concentrations and contains no separate pieces that may get lost or mislaid.
  • A flow in L/min is printed next to each concentration indicating the optimum flow meter setting.
  • Both adult and pediatric mask kits are supplied with our PVC free, Eco aerosol masks.

The MultiOx adjustable venturi valve differentiates Intersurgical from the competition by providing a simple to use venturi valve, which contains seven oxygen concentrations in a one-piece design.

For full details download the MultiOx adjustable venturi valve flyer or visit the product page.

Reduce the Pressure

We are supporting World Stop Pressure Ulcer Day on Thursday November 17.
Did you know?

• 1/3 of all reported pressure ulcers are device related.1
• 35% of reported incidence of medical device related pressure ulcers are related to the ears.2
• The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (USA) recommends ear protectors on all nasal cannula.3

Intersurgical’s nasal cannula with ear guards includes soft silicone foam cushions, which are easily adjusted and securely fitted to prevent trauma to the patient’s ears. Visit the product page for further information.

Read more about World Stop Pressure Ulcer Day.

Gathering of Eagles 2017

Visit us at GOE 2017 on booth 11 from February 16-18
Gathering of Eagles has become an annual event focused on the latest science in EMS.

EMS State of the Sciences Conference, as it's also known, shares with participants and faculty the most cutting-edge information and advances in EMS patient care, research, trending challenges and lessons learned. Make sure to stop by the Intersurgical® booth to view a number of our exciting products such as the i-gel® O2 Resus Pack, QuadraLiteTM anaesthetic face mask, our range of breathing filters, HMEFs and much more.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth.


PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesia (PGA)

New York
09 December - 11 December 2017
Stand number: 709
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